THE GIANT APPLE BOULDERS: Enormous Slices of Painted Fruit in Perris, CA

27665 Hwy 74, Perris, CA

Perris, CA is nothing to write home about. Located in a deep pocket of Riverside County, the city is your average, working class California neighborhood; sparse in terms of unique sights and excitement. Kinda like the anti-PARIS, ya know, the one in France (mic drop, crowd goes silent...).

So all seems pretty mundane, then you see THESE a collection of giant painted apple boulders on the side of the road.

Apple Rocks

They certainly stick out like sore thumbs amongst the desert wasteland, but the art concept on display is a joyous  and creative one. The unique rock formations really do look like apple slices, so throw in a gnarly paint job, and I smell a winner. You can tell that the creators truly cared about their craft, and the apples are actually done up in fine detail (you've got the seeds, apple core, etc).

Apple Rocks

These rocks of deliciousness are large in stature, and in flavor (assumed). Though, I wouldn't recommend trying to eat one on a sweltering SoCal day.

Apple Rocks


Couldn't find much on this, but from I hear, they were first painted by a local artist in 1983. The town apparently loved the idea, so now the rocks are cared for— and often repainted by the lovely residents of Perris.