THE ONLY MUSICAL ROAD IN THE U.S.: Create Groovy Tunes with your Honda Civic

3187 W Ave G, Lancaster, CA 93536

In the desert town of Lancaster lies the only musical road in the US, which is quite an achievement for our fair state.

What exactly is a musical road? It'd defined on wikipedia as "a road, or part of a road, which when driven over causes a tactile vibration and audible rumbling transmitted through the wheels into the car body in the form of a musical tone."

Still confused? To put it simply, it's a road that plays a song when you drive over it. Check it out:

This quarter mile stretch of has grooves in the asphalt that croon a strange variation of the 'William Tell Overture' (aka 'The Lone Ranger' theme. It sounds a little funky (I had to drive over it a few times before figuring out what it was) but it's definitely there when you listen closely.

And why is this so awesome? Because only a few of these roads exist IN THE WORLD! Lancaster, of all places, joins a list of heavy hitters that includes Denmark, Japan, South Korea, Mexico and San Marino. Unbelievable.


The musical road's journey to global dominance began as a commercial project sponsored by the American Honda Motor Co.

Build on September 5, 2008, for usage in a Honda Civic commercial, the road was originally located in a more suburban part of town. However, the fanfare (and sleepless 'Lone Ranger' nights by local residents) created due to the popularity of the road caused the Lancaster city council to pave it over within weeks. All was lost and the road seemed doomed to never play a song again.

However, after realizing that they just squandered away the town's first tourist attraction, the city council went to work on re-building the road 2 miles away, in a morefar more deolate location, where it remains to this day

The road now enjoys International popularity, and (probably) plenty of car accidents.