MOLE ROCK: A Mysterious Animal Rock Carving in Chatsworth

Stoney Point Park, Chatsworth, CA 91311

Located in the back country of Chatsworth, and not too far from where Charlie and the gang used to do their bidding, lies a unique rock formation even more perplexing than Manson himself: The infamous Mole Rock.


I came across this random wonder while hiking Stoney Point, and found it to be quite the spectacle. Looks like something straight out of a Super Mario Brother's video game.


Some might see a groundhog, gopher, hedgehog or squirrel engraved here-- However you want to spin it is cool-- but I'm calling it a mole. Just look at the beady eye, smoothed out nose, tiny ears and mischievous grin. This is 100% mole, people!


While the mole itself is pretty cool, the hike is a pleasant one, taking you 3 miles through some of Chatsworth's finest and dustiest hills. The area is dry and rocky, but makes for a pretty good workout, and  solid views of the Santa Susana Mountains from the top. Just make sure to bring the sunscreen, as there is literally no shade at any point in the blazing San Fernando Valley heat. 


But back to the mole...

I'm surprised there hasn't been much written about this over the years, as it so blatantly sticks out on a seemingly normal jaunt in the woods. Just look at this thing, how can you pass it without even noticing something that something is a little "off." Have I gone mad?


Now that you've seen the mole, there's one big perplexing mystery left: was this an act of nature or nurture? Did the gods above decide that the world needed a giant stone mole for discovery (like finding Jesus in your toast, or something like that?) or was it the work of enthusiastic hikers with chisels and a rodent obsession? Maybe it's some kind of publicity stunt for PETA? As I sit here lacking the resources to hire an investigation unit to tie this mystery all together, I fear that the world may never know the answer.


Mole Rock of Chatsworth