THE ANIMAL WALK OF FAME: Come Celebrate the REAL Heroes of the Silver Screen

1150 N. Victory Place, Burbank, CA

The Hollywood walk of fame is so pedestrian at this point. Littered with obnoxious tourism, subpar food and expensive bottled water, THAT walk of fame is certainly more nuisance than adventure at this point.

Luckily, if you really want to see the real heroes of the silver screen enshrined in concrete, look to Burbank and take a trip to the Animal Walk of Fame: a place that is exactly what it sounds like.

Animal Walk of Fame

Located in front of the Burbank animal shelter, this walk was created to honor the PATSY (Performing Animal Top Star of the Year) award winners from years past. This is a full list that includes the dogs, donkeys and birds that made us laugh, cry and buy movie tickets.

The concrete “walk” might be small in stature compared to its counterpart in Hollywood, but it’s just as powerful in the clientele department. We’re talking a who's who of Hollywood royalty here. You've got all of the expected honorees: Benji, Lassie, Francis the mule, and the Shaggy Dog, with a couple wild cards thrown in (Rhubarb the cat, anyone?).

Animal Walk of Fame

And, yes, it wouldn't be animal-related without something adorable thrown into the mix.

Amongst the signatures lie the paw (cat, dog and lion!) hoof and horseshoe prints of our famous creatures. What I wouldn't give to see some of these animal induction ceremonies when they happened. Just imagine, Samantha the duck celebrating her big day by sticking that webbed toe in some fresh concrete, while quaking to a group of camera wielding paparazzi, begging her for a smile.

Animal Walk of Fame

Though all have gone to that great animal sanctuary in the sky, it's nice to see these these creatures getting their due. Unfortunately, as time passed, the PATSY funding dried up, so don't hold your breath for the inclusions of Beethoven and Air Bud in the future.


After a horse was killed on set, the American Humane Association began handing out the PATSY awards in 1939, using it as a way to honor the brave animal performers of the silver screen.

The actual awards ceremonies, which would lead us to the creation of this monument, started in 1951 with first inductee Francis the Mule. As the years went by, PATSY recipients included Mister Ed, Flipper, Ben the Bear and Arnold the Pig, amongst other stars of the era.

Unfortunately, the awards stopped in 1986, as the AHS lost the funding needed to include new inductees.

Fun fact: The AHS is the organization that coined the quotable term "No Animals Were Harmed in the making of this show/film."